Scattered Links

Jacob Lewallen 318 words 2 min read November 18, 2022 #miscellany #links #low-effort

Just some scattered links I've come across recently.

Insta Getting Started

Snapshot tests are super handy! Sometimes an easy/fast way to ensure nothing has changed in ways that are broken is to dump state as a JSON file.

A highly opinionated guide to learning about ActivityPub

A great introduction to ActivityPub. Also, Darius is a fantastic human being!

Adding a JavaScript interpreter to your Rust project

My original MUD engine was written in Python and was self-extensible using Python and that worked really well. This won't be as easy with the Rust port, so I've got my eye out for alternatives.

Awesome Node-Based UIs

I love node-based UIs. I was really introduced to them via Blender's Shader/Geometry Nodes editors and like that we're seeing more pop up. I've also been meaning to try Blackjack out for a while.


Seemed like an interesting, low level project. One of those code bases that might teach me something if/when I get around to checking it out.

Don't use boxed trait objects

I read this because I use boxed traits and was curious. I really liked the advice but have been struggling to apply it to my own scenario.


Came across this while looking for Rust inflection libraries and started wondering if this could make a useful introduction to the presentation/rendering layer of my MUD.